Hotline for those impacted by Ellicott City flood to report damage, provide information and need assistance: 410-313-2900. For emergencies, call 911.

Ellicott City Long Term Recovery Committee Dissolution

We are writing to share the bittersweet news that the Ellicott City Long Term Recovery Committee Board of Directors voted to dissolve the EC-LTRC and One EC Recovery Project, based on the current status of disaster recovery operations in Howard County. We assure that this action was taken only after considerable evaluation of data and relevant information, along with significant discussion and consultations with county officials, partners and legal counsel.

Early this year, a task force was convened to evaluate the EC-LTRC’s mission, structure, long term status and goals and to bring a recommendation regarding the EC-LTRC’s future to the Board of Directors. During that time, numerous discussions were held with county officials, partnering nonprofits to considered the substantial infrastructural and operational standards necessary for effective response in the event of a future disaster in the Ellicott City community. Following these discussions and in response to the May 2018 flooding, the Howard County Recovery Plan was instituted, resulting in the creation of a Howard County Recovery Manager position, the CFHC Disaster Relief Fund with subsequent Advisory Board, as well as the Howard County Health, Housing and Human Services Committee. EC-LTRC worked within this recovery infrastructure to identify and address needs arising from the May 2018 flooding. As efforts have evolved, the role of EC-LTRC has become redundant with regards to fundraising, case management and oversight. With this understanding and after considering various options, the Executive Board concluded that dissolution of EC-LTRC was the most responsible action.

We understand that the information we are sharing may be a lot to process and want to assure that this decision was not made lightly, or painlessly. As we address transition of EC-LTRC programs, distribution of restricted funds, and other details, we are committed to honoring the wishes of our donors in allocating any remaining funds. We also remain committed to Ellicott City and are confident our mission will continue through programs and initiatives created in partnership with Rebuilding Together and the Community Action Council.

Please know that your ongoing support of the EC-LTRC and the Ellicott City community is greatly appreciated. We are extremely proud of the work that the EC-LTRC has done over the years, and feel enormous gratitude for the efforts of all individuals and fellow organizations involved in the rebuilding and recovery of Ellicott City. We believe the best path forward is to transition work to our partner organizations through funded Ellicott City flood recovery programs.

For further information about the EC-LTRC dissolution, please review the FAQ’s on our website.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Ellicott City Long Term Recovery Committee Board of Directors